The company was founded by a group of technology and business practitioners with a vision to transform IT solutions into business enablers

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SANADC is a dynamic information technology systems integrator that has been serving customers from various business sectors since 2009. The company was founded by a group of technology and business practitioners with a vision to transform IT solutions into business enablers. With a focus on Saudi market, SANADC continues to introduce innovative solutions and services to its clients allowing them to transform to digital era securely.

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We care about our clients’ environments and let them focus on growing their business.
Security solutions

Security Solutions

SANADC’ consultants ensure to assist customers in creating an end-to-end strategy of security that starts with the most basic practices and systems, design, build and support a complete, layered and ...



Radar Systems

Radar, electromagnetic sensor used for detecting, locating, tracking, and recognizing objects of various kinds at considerable distances. What distinguishes radar from optical and infrared sensing devices


IT Infrastructure

IT and Communications infrastructure lay out the foundation for all means of ITC including data, voice, video as well as applications


Unique Services, Solution and Products

Our solutions covers a wide range of security products including very specialized areas such as Radar systems that can discover drones, humans, vehicles and boats and Under Vehicle Testing (UVT) equipment that can perform visual inspection of all types of vehicles: from passenger vehicles to trucks.

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We provide a range of Business Agility Services that organizations “must have” to thrive in the fast-changing business environments.
Managed Services outsourcing

Managed Services

Managed Services and outsourcing is a strategic method commonly used for operational enhancement and cutting cost. It involves the process of proactively outsourcing responsibilities and functions to contracted teams or temporary Gig workers while maintaining value and ownership. Our offered managed services at SANADC help customers to perform tasks, identify risks and resolve issues faster and with greater accuracy while preserving the agreed level of supervision and control

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Services

SANADC partners with organizations to plan, build, and transform their digital journey through innovative business transformation activities that capitalize on their unique values and tools. We believe that digital transformation is a vehicle for converting the entire organization and generating game-changing ideas that improve revenue and sustainability. Our services include establishing DTOs and/or operations, consultations for DGA yearly assessments, and developing digital transformation plans with feasibility studies and use cases.

Data Management

Data Management

SANADC offers advisory practices focused on multiple information management areas and automation/intelligence in partnership with a global automation powerhouse. We specialize in Intelligent Information Management, Data Governance, and Robotics Process Automation. Our data activities align with industry regulations and are delivered by a network of experts. Our services include Data Management, Automation, Governance, and Establishment of Data Offices, along with support in adhering to NDMO standards and providing necessary tools.

Unique Services, Solution and Products

SANADC advisory are provided through a high caliber network of consultants and partners who presents the best advisory, recommend supreme actions and provide services to build and sustain the business agility.

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We provide our products after full understanding of customer needs that is completed through listening workshops.
Intelligent Business Platform

Intelligent Business Platform (IBP)

IBP is a comprehensive platform that manages content, processes, and data throughout their lifecycle. It is a vital foundation for successful information management and decision-making. With advanced modules, IBP utilizes AI and ML to efficiently classify, match and index incoming information. Additionally, the platform supports RPA to build, deploy, and manage digital robots that perform tasks like humans interacting with digital systems.

Automated Contracts Lifecycle

Automated Contracts Lifecycle Management (CLM)

This app offers a 360-degree view of your contracts throughout their life cycle, ensuring quick response times, full contract data access, and compliant management. Good contract management is key to a company's success and involves multiple departments. Electronic Contract Management allows for centralized management of all contract documents while ensuring compliance with legal regulations. Authorized employees can access these documents from any location and device.

Digital Case Management

Digital Case Management

Our application supports complex processes that involve both human tasks and electronic workflows, such as legal cases, corporate registration, and claims moving towards litigation. It provides the necessary flexibility to deviate from the standard procedure and achieve productive, service-oriented work that contributes to your company's performance.

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