The principal drivers of business are the desire to create benefits to all stakeholders, grow revenues and increase profitability. A clear return on Investment (ROI) will help to release budget for both tactical and strategic initiatives. In today’s dynamic business, budget and resources alone do not guarantee success. Collectively and individually, an agile mindset is crucial for enabling organizations to transform and benefit from opportunities. Here at SANADC, we are proud to have unique capabilities to provide a range of Business Services that organizations “must have” to ensure they can thrive in the fast-changing business environments. SANADC advisory are provided through a high caliber network of consultants and partners who presents the best advisory, recommend supreme actions and provide services to build and sustain the business agility.

Our services include

Managed Services outsourcing

Managed Services

Managed Services and outsourcing is a strategic method commonly used for operational enhancement and cutting cost. It involves the process of proactively outsourcing responsibilities and functions to contracted teams or temporary Gig workers while maintaining value and ownership. Our offered managed services at SANADC help customers to perform tasks, identify risks and resolve issues faster and with greater accuracy while preserving the agreed level of supervision and control

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Services

SANADC partners with organizations to plan, build, and transform their digital journey through innovative business transformation activities that capitalize on their unique values and tools. We believe that digital transformation is a vehicle for converting the entire organization and generating game-changing ideas that improve revenue and sustainability. Our services include establishing DTOs and/or operations, consultations for DGA yearly assessments, and developing digital transformation plans with feasibility studies and use cases.

Data Management

Data Management

SANADC offers advisory practices focused on multiple information management areas and automation/intelligence in partnership with a global automation powerhouse. We specialize in Intelligent Information Management, Data Governance, and Robotics Process Automation. Our data activities align with industry regulations and are delivered by a network of experts. Our services include Data Management, Automation, Governance, and Establishment of Data Offices, along with support in adhering to NDMO standards and providing necessary tools.

Project Economy

Project Economy Consultations

We help set up and audit TMO/PMO for organizations, ensuring efficient project management according to international standards. We provide process creation, necessary tools, and training/coaching to align teams towards achieving outstanding results. Our services include establishing PMOs, creating roadmaps, classifying projects/activities, and optimizing revenue for projects/programs.

Network and Security Consultancy

Network and Security Consultancy

SANADC offers a range of security solutions and expert consultations to help clients find the best fit. We partner with leading consultants to deliver effective services, working to achieve security, ensure appropriate IT solutions, and close gaps in security setup.

Business Automation

Business Automation

Business Process Automation uses technology to automate processes within an organization, resulting in significant productivity gains. Full-cycle data management capabilities allow for quick access to information and easy manipulation of data. Any business can benefit from reduced costs, increased efficiency, flexibility, and faster deployment. Our services include deploying ready-to-use apps, business process analysis, automation through LC/NC platforms, and Robotics Process Analysis (RPA).

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management Orchestration

We offer coaching, advisory, mentorship, and training services to support Knowledge Management (KM) in your organization. This involves identifying, organizing, storing, and sharing information, including technical resources, FAQs, training docs, and people skills. Our collaboration with training partners enables us to measure knowledge gaps and arrange specialized sessions for leaders, specialists, and employees. Our services help accelerate growth and development of products/services, reduce cost and speed to market, increase customer satisfaction through deeper knowledge of clients, build employee learning curve for proficiency and productivity, and reducing risk in sensitive areas.

Governance and Business Agility

Governance and Business Agility Services

SANADC provides customized services designed collaboratively to fit the unique needs of each business. With our wide range of internal and external knowledge and powerful scenarios, we unlock value from your processes and technologies to serve your organization's unique needs. As technology and clients become more complex and demanding, we offer custom solutions to help achieve your business objectives. Our services include ESG goals alignment, value generation and revenue operations, partnership management including negotiation and arbitration services, as well as innovative contract management and contract life cycle management. Trust us to find the best fit solution for your business and ensure a smooth operation and integration where necessary.