About us

About US

SANADC is a dynamic information technology systems integrator that has been serving customers from various business sectorsnsince 2009. The company was founded by a group of technology and business practitioners with a vision to transform IT solutions into business enablers. With a focus on Saudi market, SANADC continues to introduce innovative solutions and services to its clients allowing them to transform to digital era securely.

Our Mission

In a fast developing & disruptive world, our aim is to provide our customers with IT & Security Solutions alleviating them from the changing and risking challenges in their transformation journey to be ‘Digitized Enterprises’.

Our Vision

To be the backbone for our customers in their journey towards an agile and digitized world.

Our Values


We strive for simplicity in all things, Simplicity reduces stress, cuts cost, saves time, increases productivity, and enriches our lives.


Challenge the norm, Handle challenges, always look for better ways.


Openness and constructive feedback are encouraged to maintain a healthy and collaborative work environment.


We strongly promote respect. Be true, Be fair.


At SANADC we first listen to understand the business and technical requirements of each client, then we strive to find
any comments and pain points that we can help to resolve through the lineup of our solutions, services or products.
Our recommendations are based on the full understanding, the accumulative local expertise and internationally
acquired knowledge from our solid partners.
Our goal is to deliver a solution or service that meets current requirements while setting the stage for incorporating
future ones.
Our approach allows us to strategize and accelerate the adoption of cutting-edge technologies towards solving business
challenges, effectively running projects and streamline operations.
When considering international expertise, we take business cultures into account and evaluate areas that would
contribute to client success based on local laws and regulations.

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Unique Services and Solution

SANADC is a dynamic information technology systems integrator and Advisory  solutions provider