SANADC Advisory Approach

SANADC and partners strives to understand the business and technical requirements of each client. Based on the full understanding and the accumulative local expertise and internationally acquired knowledge, we recommend the most suitable solution. The goal is to deliver a solution that meets current requirements while setting the stage for incorporating future ones.
Our approach allows us to strategize and accelerate the adoption of cutting-edge technologies towards solving business challenges, effectively running projects and streamline operations.
When considering international expertise, we take business cultures into account and evaluate areas that would contribute to client success based on local laws and regulations.

Our Advisory services includes:

Digital Transformation Journeys’

Benchmarking, planning and execution

Project Economy Readiness

Transformation /Project Management Office (TMO/PMO) setup and audit

Knowledge Management Orchestration

Coaching, Advisory, Mentorship and Training Service

ESG Goals Alignment

Measuring and Supporting the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals,

Benefits Realization

Value Generation and Revenue Operations (RevOps)

Ecosystem Alignment

Partnership Management and Innovative Contracting